Stability test and shelf-life tests

MARINO S.r.l. supports food companies and large-scale retail trade (GDO) in the study of food products aging, under normal conditions, in case of thermal abuse according to the AFNOR guidelines, from the packaging stage until the end of the commercial life.
Studies under accelerated conditions are also conducted, to induce an increasing deterioration of the product (+37 C, +45 C, +55 C), through the study of shelf-life predictive.
The monitored parameters to obtain information on "conservability" are divided into:

- sensory parameters: related to the real chemical and physical properties of the product, they qualitatively describe the product, so the arising order of organoleptic characteristics, when the product is evaluated (visual, olfactory, masticatory, etc.)

- microbiological and chemical parameters: quantitatively describe the product. They objectively express each characteristic present in the considered product, measuring a value respecting to an established limit (standard of law or recommended in the bibliography).

Type of Analysis
- chemical analysis on product (pH, acidity, moisture, fats, peroxides, rancidity, etc.)
- chemical analysis on packaging (permeability, mechanical resistance tests, suitability for food contact)
- microbiological analysis (bacterial load, fungi, pathogens, etc.)
- organoleptic analysis (appearance, smell, taste, etc.)
- eological analysis (consistency, color, creaminess, etc.)
The purpose is to validate the expiry date declared on product by the producers or indicate the suitable expiry dates to protect the safety of its consumers and the company image and to comply with the relevant laws
Stability test and shelf-life tests

ENG Conformità agli standard normativi

TRADUZIONE INGLESE QUI: MARINO S.r.l. eroga i servizi richiesti dalla clientela nel pieno rispetto di tutti gli standard normativi, in particolare in conformità alla norma internazionale EN ISO/IEC 17025 e alle prescrizioni ACCREDIA (Ente Italiano di Accreditamento). Marino è azienda certificata secondo la norma per i sistemi di gestione UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 con il N. 153409/2014 dal DNV-GL "Progettazione ed Erogazione del servizio tecnico e consulenziale per i settori alimentare e ambientale".

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