Marino Srl. Laboratory has an independent Research and Development Section (R & D).
The R&D Center is constantly engaged in technical-scientific activities in food, environmental, and non-food sectors, aimed to the study of new analytical methods, to propose market solutions able to meet the increasingly needs of customers.

The research and development activity deals with:

- improvement and development of accredited methods, according to the international guidelines and standards (ISO 17025, AFNOR, NordVal, European Regulations, etc).

- continuous updates on the latest technological advancement in technologies process, to translate into reality the most modern scientific acquisitions in the various expertise areas.

- miglioramento, sviluppo e messa a punto di metodi accreditati, secondo le linee guida e norme internazionali (ISO 17025, AFNOR, NordVal, Regolamenti europei, etc).

- aggiornamenti continui sui pił recenti avanzamenti tecnologici in via di sviluppo nell'ambito delle tecnologie di processo, in modo da tradurre in realtą operativa le pił moderne acquisizioni scientifiche nei vari settori di competenza.


Marino s.r.l. has collaborations with national institutes and university, “Universitą Cattolica del Sacro cuore” of Piacenza and Cremona, the Second University of Naples (SUN) of Caserta and the University of Naples "Federico II".
Furthermore, Marino Srl. is partner of the Campania Bioscience Technological District (SCARL), established in 2013 to coordinate the scientific know-how with the of industrial players offers operating in the Campania region, in the European perspective of smart specialization.
The Campania Bioscience Technology District consists of 55 members including 7 research organizations, 46 companies and 2 Technology Transfer Facilities.


M.I.U.R. recognized R & D laboratory

Marino srl also offers an R & D laboratory accredited by M.I.U.R. (Ministry of Education, University and Research), to which can be commissioned projects aimed at innovation. Marino srl proposes excellence services supplies in scientific field and technological research (Article 14 - DM 593/2000) as a highly qualified laboratory.