Food sector Consulting

MARINO Srl offers to the customer both an highly efficient analysis laboratory and a structure able to solve problems of extra-analytical type and always search for new proposals.

The competence Area are:

- HACCP plans: design, development and implementation of self-control systems, drafting of good hygiene practice manuals pursuant to EC Reg. No. 852/2004, EC Reg. n. 178/2002 in the Food Security framework.

- Analytical tests assistance and results interpretation, in relation to current regulations, bibliographic data or specifications.

- Remote and on-site assistance in analytical non-conformances and on everything concerning the sanitary aspects

- Preparation of analytical verification plans aimed at validating the control plan of critical points according to the HACCP methodology implemented

- Labeling consulting both for the verification of contents on labels and for the drafting of new labels of food products, including the nutritional table, in compliance with the provisions of current legislation, Reg. (EU) no. 1169/11 and s.m.i., and of the nutrition labels in accordance with the provisions of international law (USA, Canada and Brazil, Japan, China, etc.)

- Preparation of technical sheets and specifications with insertion of legal limits or literature values

- Sensory analysis, designing on request of the GDO numerous specific tests also in BLIND mode and consumer test

- Shelf-life studies of products: preparation of an analytical plan with final reports

- Bibliographic research on customer behalf (consultation of articles, laws, norms, monographs, etc.)

- Calibration of refrigerators, cold storage and vehicles thermometers, through LAT certified measuring instruments

- Training of technical frameworks operating in establishments and food shops
- Training and information courses for food companies with qualified teachers

- Pre and Post graduation traineeships and theoretical and practical training internships in collaboration with research centers, national institutions and university centers

- Assistance in food legislation field , both Italian and EU, through timely communication of regulatory changes and emergencies related to food safety

- Assistance of technical staff in case of cross-examination with competent bodies, in control institutes for the opening of the sample and start of analysis

- Assistance in disputes with suppliers/customers through the drafting of technical reports

- Participation in first-level analysis, review analysis with the competent authority

- Legal opinions about application and interpretation of current technical regulations

- Drafting of defense reports.

MARINO S.r.l. as part of the consultancy activities when necessary, makes use of external professionals collaboration (law firms, technical studies, university institutions) with proven experience and a certain national and foreign reference.

Food sector Consulting