Material and Object in contact with Food Consulting (MOCA)

All materials and objects intended to come into food contact - so-called MOCA - (plates, glasses, cutlery, bottles, knives, wrapping paper, plastic films, plastic cups and plates, labels in contact with the food, pizza boxes, packaging, etc.) must comply with national and European legislation (Ministerial Decree of March 21, 1973, Reg. EC 1935/2004 and Reg EU 10/2011 and subsequent amendments).
The rules on the suitability of MOCAs primarily concern producers, importers and distributors of these materials, but also users (ie food business operators) are required to comply with Community provisions.

In packaging sector Marino Srl offers:
- Definition of adequate analytical protocols for specific regulated materials (eg: plastics, paper and cardboard, glass, etc.)
- Evaluation of compliance with the positive lists of substances used in the production of specifically regulated materials (eg: plastics, paper, rubber, etc.)
- Evaluation of compliance of labeling with current regulations
- Evaluation of the declaration of conformity issued by the producers / retailers, to demonstrate the suitability for contact with food in compliance with good manufacturing practices
- Preparation of an effective traceability system of these materials at any time from those who have purchased and who have been sold
- Preparation of a suitable storage and conservation system for these materials in terms of food hygiene
- Preparation of self-control plan by correctly identifying all toxic substances that may represent a risk of migrating to the food, according to the principles of the HACCP system.
Material and Object in contact with Food Consulting (MOCA)