Analisi sensoriale

Thanks to trained panels, in collaboration with major university laboratories, we are able to offer sensory laboratory tests (panel tests) such as descriptive tests, discriminating quali-quantitative tests, qualitative discriminating tests.
MARINO S.r.l. also performs consumer tests in blind mode to assess the level of preference, discover new targets for products, identify causes of failure, compare their products with the competitor products, check the level of acceptability for new products or fot those already in the market.

MARINO S.r.l. supports production companies that want to test their product itself, but also to evaluate how different the product is in the market. In particular, through the control of:
- characteristics of production homogeneity over time
- variability as a result of changes in raw materials, formulations, production technologies, different storage conditions
- variability resulting from contact with the packaging material
- differences with competitors products

The assessment methods of Marino Laboratory include the tests required by the ISO standards.
Differents tests including the triangular test, comparison pairs, duo-trio and sorting, descriptive tests, qualitative and quantitative, market test.

Analisi sensoriale

Conformità agli standard normativi

MARINO S.r.l. eroga i servizi richiesti dalla clientela nel pieno rispetto di tutti gli standard normativi, in particolare in conformità alla norma internazionale EN ISO/IEC 17025 e alle prescrizioni ACCREDIA (Ente Italiano di Accreditamento). Marino è azienda certificata secondo la norma per i sistemi di gestione UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 con il N. 153409/2014 dal DNV-GL "Progettazione ed Erogazione del servizio tecnico e consulenziale per i settori alimentare e ambientale".

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