Sludge Analysis

MARINO Srl performs the necessary Chemical and Microbiological Analysis to evaluate and verify:

- In compliance with Legislative Decree no. 99 of 27 January 1992 and s.m.i. and the DGRC n 170 of 03/06/14 of the Campania Region, for the use of sludge in order to use their fertilizing and soil improver power for agricultural purposes.
- Sludge characteristics as indication of the efficiency of the water purification process
- Sludge characteristics to be used in the biogas production processes, according to Legislative Decree no. 05/02/98.

The experience acquired by Marino Srl allows us to offer our customers a complete analysis framework able to meet current regulations, providing a product that is suitable for the various requests.

Performed Analysis
- Total Nitrogen
- Total Potassium
- Total Phosphorus
- Degree of humidification
- Dry Substance
- Total Organic Carbon
- Carbon/Nitrogen comparison
- Ph
- Cation Exchange Capacity
- Soil Oxidizing power for Chromium VI
- Arsenic
- Boro
- Cadmium
- Total Chrome
- Mercury
- Nickel
- Lead
- Copper
- Selenium
- Zinc
- Salinity
- Sodium, Calcium and Magnesium
- Sulfur
- Organic chlorine
- Residue at 600 C
- Dynamic Respirometric Index
- SAR index
- Volatile Organohalogen compounds (halogenated aliphates and carcinogenic chlorinated, carcinogenic chlorinated aromatics)
- Phtalates
- Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
- Dioxins
- Escherichia coli
- Enterobacteriaceae
- Salmonella
- Helminth Eggs
- Phytotoxicity Test
Sludge Analysis

ENG Conformità agli standard normativi

TRADUZIONE INGLESE QUI: MARINO S.r.l. eroga i servizi richiesti dalla clientela nel pieno rispetto di tutti gli standard normativi, in particolare in conformità alla norma internazionale EN ISO/IEC 17025 e alle prescrizioni ACCREDIA (Ente Italiano di Accreditamento). Marino è azienda certificata secondo la norma per i sistemi di gestione UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 con il N. 153409/2014 dal DNV-GL "Progettazione ed Erogazione del servizio tecnico e consulenziale per i settori alimentare e ambientale".

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